everyday glimpse: at the table with sweet ellie

As mamarazzi, it’s our job to document.  Document the big events, document the milestones, document the everyday.  We have the opportunity now to capture those chubby baby knuckle dimples, the dirty fingernails, the have-to-wear-it-every-single-day bumble bee costume, the happy faces, the sleepyheads, the messes…all of it…before they’re grown, or even before they’re stinky, hormonal teenagers.  I hope you’ve all read the “Don’t Carpe Diem” post on Momastery.com.  That’s good stuff.  It’s whack to expect us to all relish every moment.  Please.  It’s hard to be photographically inspired  when you’re trudging through the mundane everydayness.  But almost every time I bring my camera out to catch a kid contentedly engaged in something he or she does a lot at that particular stage of their little life, I’m glad that I have the resulting images.

Bradyn’s been participating in a running club at school two days a week.  So I get one hour on each of those days to spend with just Ellie (while the littlest one naps, God willing).  Sometimes we hit the books hard.  Sometimes we read together.  Sometimes we watch TV.  I shot these for a project I do on my business blog.  On this day, she was working on a reading worksheet.  I’d been wanting to play around with the video mode on my camera, especially the manual focus & exposure.  So while she drew every animal she could think of, I was snapping away.  Playing with settings and experimenting with the video.  The result?  Fanstastically lovely.


(made you grin!)

The video effort resulted in the most ordinary, everyday, reach-out-and-touch-it, to the moon and back, awwww-inspiring, okay fine I’ll say it, masterpiece ever.

I showed it to her before school the next day.  Then after school she asked to see it again.  I told her I’d watched it like ten times & would love to watch it again with her.  We did and afterwards she said, “Are you actually so proud of me?”  Melt my heart.

There are plenty of times I don’t want to or am just not inspired to get my camera out and shoot the every day.  But those times can offer great technical practice, especially when a kid is happily engaged in something…and in good light.  I’ll always be glad I have these images and that video…from the way she says, “Uh…a house.” to seeing her squishy little fingers reaching for the markers.  Sometimes photography lets use remember chronos as kairos & that’s pretty cool if you ask me.

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