Picture the Holidays | December 1: Hold on to Gratitude

So very excited to be starting this personal project for December and beyond thrilled at the number of local Mamarazzi that are playing along.  We’re doing the Picture The Holidays project from Paper Coterie.  If you’re like me, you’re wondering what the heck a coterie is and how the heck to say coterie.  Check it:  coterie on dictionary.com.


If I tell you something, do you promise to keep it between us?  The first picture from our group I saw today was from my friend Corri and I may or may not have gotten a little lump in my throat when I saw it.  There were her three beautiful girls by their pond in a genuine happy moment.  I thoroughly enjoy getting together with friends for dinner, for drinks, for dancing, etc. but (since we’re speaking off the record) connecting with my local mamas like this is really going to be great.

My own personal rules for this project:

1)  Get prompt.

2)  Read prompt.

3)  Decide to shoot the first thing that pops into my mind.

4)  Do not overthink.

5)  Do not overshoot.

6)  Use lensbaby.

I feel like doing these things will help me stick to it and end up portraying our December 2011 way.  It’s not every December 1 that I’ll be able to say how grateful I am for green grass.  It’s chilly out but it’s still almost as if winter hasn’t started.  I find myself trying to memorize what my surroundings look like without the snow cover and worse, the cindery, gray slush.

But at the time of this writing, I find myself even more thankful for my circle of mama friends.  Just between us.

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