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A Hot Beignet or two…

Krispy Kreme has great morning light. Nancy told me that little secret. And I’m sure we’ll discuss Krispy Kreme on this blog a time or two. My kitchen table has fabulous light as well. As I am new to the world of photography, I often think of my table as my “light safety zone.” I […]

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Best haircut ever: Rocco’s Style Shop

Bradyn has stick-straight hair with a wild whirlwind cowlick at the very top.  He’s had some really horrible haircuts.  There’s the “uneven shag” and the worst and most common, “the lloyd christmas” (see image here).  My husband claims it’s because I don’t word things right when talking to the stylist.  But I gotta tell ya, […]

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Gearing up to capture the first day of school

Bradyn’s first day of school was emotional.  Emotional in that we were all experiencing all kinds of emotions:  anxious, happy, proud, sad, excited.  Mostly excited.  That kid was so ready to go to school; mostly to go to school on that bus.  He didn’t seem to have one second of nervousness.  He was clear that […]

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